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Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committees (ITOC)

What Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committees Do

The Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committees are independent committees formed to monitor and ensure that all tax measure revenue is spent for transportation purposes as specified in ordinances.

Responsibilities of the Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committees

  • Ensure all transportation revenue collected from public is spent on the projects approved by the voters as specified in the ordinances;
  • Participate in ensuring that all jurisdictions in Los Angeles County conform with the requirements before receipt of any tax monies for local projects;
  • Review transportation plans to ratify any changes in the plan and recommend any major changes go back to the voters for approval;
  • Review independent financial and compliance audits of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and its local jurisdictions;
  • Hold annual public hearing meetings regarding project plans, status and expenditures; and
  • Annually certify whether the funds have been spent in compliance with the ordinances.

Measure M - Independent Tax Payer Oversight Committee

Now accepting applications for two vacancies:

Retired State Judge

  • Municipal / Public
  • Finance / Budget