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Initial Study/ Environmental Assessment October 2010

Notice of Availability (NOA) (22KB)

Notice of Completion (NOC) (28 KB)

Notice of Determination (NOD) (27KB)

Initial Study [with Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND)] / Environmental Assessment [with Finding of No Significant Impact] October 2010

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Cover - MND - FONSI (465KB)

Table of Contents (32KB)

Chapter 1 - Proposed Project (1.98MB)

Chapter 2

Chapter 3 - Comments and Coordination (326KB)

Chapter 4 - List of Preparers (14KB)

Chapter 5 - Distribution List (58KB)


Appendix A - CEQA Environmental Checklist (66KB)

Appendix B - Resources Evaluated Relative to the Requirements of Section 4(f) (23KB)

Appendix C - Title VI Policy Statement (21KB)

Appendix D - Minimization and/or Mitigation Summary (95KB)

Appendix E - Community Outreach Newspaper Notices (809KB)

Appendix F - California Office of Historic Preservation, Department of Parks and Recreation, Concurrence Letter (192KB)

Appendix G - List of Acronyms (25KB)

Appendix H

Appendix I - Conceptual Plans for Preferred Alternative (Alternative F – Hybrid Alternative) (450KB)

Appendix J - Consultation with USFWS (56KB)

Appendix K - FHWA Project-Level Conformity Determination (201KB)