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March Westwood/VA Hospital Station Monthly Look-Ahead

This monthly notification is an outline of construction activities for the Westwood/VA Hospital Station for the month of March 2021.
As part of the State, County, and applicable City orders specific to the COVID-19 response, Metro construction activities are currently included as “Essential” activities. Therefore, construction activities are continuing as permitted by the local jurisdiction.
Additional notices detailing these activities will be sent by email through the Purple Line Extension, Section 3 database.

Work Site Preparation on VA Hospital Campus
Metro contractors will continue worksite preparation for the future Westwood/VA Hospital Station. Work includes well monitoring, instrumentation, tree relocation, construction wall installation and other improvement activities to create the staging area for future construction work.
Work Hours: Monday through Friday, 7am to 5pm
Traffic Controls:

  • This work will have a limited impact on local traffic on Wilshire Blvd.
  • Temporary traffic restrictions on campus may be required while construction personnel and equipment enter and exit the work area.
  • Intermittent lane reductions on Bonsall Ave.
  • Intermittent lane reductions on Dowlen Dr.
  • Hadley Ln. will be restricted from Bonsall Ave. for the duration of the project.
  • Access will be maintained for VA residents, and hospital guests and staff.

Hauling from VA Hospital Campus
Metro contractors will continue hauling supplies and machinery in and out of the VA Hospital Campus.
Haul Hours:
Monday through Friday, 9am to 3:30pm and 9pm to 6am
Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 9pm and 9pm to 6am
Traffic Controls:

  • Intermittent lane reduction on Wilshire Blvd, just east of Federal Ave.

Utility Duct Bank Installation near VA Hospital Campus
Metro’s contractors will install utility duct banks near the VA Hospital Campus. This pre-construction activity will be done on Wilshire Blvd, Bonsall Ave, the Bonsall Ave ramps in stages.
Work Hours: Monday through Sunday, 9am to 3:00pm and 7pm to 6am
Traffic Controls:

  • Intermittent lane restrictions in work areas on Wilshire Blvd and Bonsall Ave.
  • Eastbound Wilshire Blvd access to the VA hospital campus will be maintained via the detour on southbound Sepulveda Blvd. and westbound Santa Monica Blvd.

Caltrans Basin Drainage Work near Southbound I-405
Metro contractors will work in the Caltrans basin near southbound I-405 in preparation for the Purple
(D Line) Extension Section 3. The work includes tree removal, excavation, and drainage structure installation. Completion of work is expected in February 2021.
Work Hours: Monday through Friday, 7am to 4pm and 9pm to 6am
Traffic Controls:

  • Westbound Wilshire Blvd. to southbound I-405 on-ramp will be closed from 12am to 6am.
  • Southbound I-405 to eastbound Wilshire Blvd. off-ramp will be closed from 9am to 2pm and 9pm to 5am.
  • Ramp shoulders will be closed during work activities.