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Sewer and Water Line Demolition and Installation

As part of the Federal government’s Coronavirus Guidance for America, transportation infrastructure is considered an “Essential Critical Infrastructure.” Additionally, transit capital projects are not subject to the State of California’s Stay at Home order, therefore Metro construction projects continue to progress.


Metro contractors will demolish an existing sewer and domestic water line and replace them on Banning St. (next to the Metro building north of the 1st Street Bridge). The construction will begin on Wednesday, December 2, 2020, and is anticipated to take three months to complete. This work may create intermittent noise due to the excavation before installation of the new utilities. Shoring and equipment operation may also create some noise.

Please note that Banning St. has been vacated and closed to the public. The traffic flow on Center Street may be impacted intermittently.

What to Expect

What: Demolish and install a new sewer line and water line
Banning St.
When:  December 2, 2020 to February 2021
Hours of Construction:
7am to 3:30pm


  •  Banning St. is not accessible to the public
  • There will be no impact on utilities used by residents and businesses
  • Heavy equipment will be utilized, which may cause some noise
  • Traffic flow on Center St. may be impacted intermittingly during the duration of this activity


The Division 20 Portal Widening and Turnback Facility Project will enhance the Division 20 Rail Yard to allow for improved service times throughout the Metro B Line (Red)/D Line (Purple) system.

Construction is a dynamic process and information is subject to change without notice.  Work activity is subject to weather Construction is a dynamic process and information is subject to change without notice. Work activity is subject to weather conditions.