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Underground Utilities Installation

As part of the Federal government’s Coronavirus Guidance for America, transportation infrastructure is considered an “Essential Critical Infrastructure.” Additionally, transit capital projects are not subject to the State of California’s Stay at Home order, therefore Metro construction projects continue to progress.


Metro Contractors will continue installing underground utilities within Metro’s Division 20 parking lot at 320 S. Santa Fe Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90012 (nearest the 4th Street Bridge). Construction includes excavation, shoring, and backfilling of trenches. This work continues weekdays and will extend to Saturdays through February 2021. Please note there will be intermittent noise during this construction activity.

What to Expect

What: Installation of underground utilities, including excavation, shoring, and backfilling trenches.
Where: Metro Yard east of the One Santa Fe building
When: January 30 to February 28
Hours of Construction:

  • 7am to 3:30 pm, Weekdays
  • 7:30am to 4:30 pm, Saturdays


  • All work occurs within Metro’s property.


The Division 20 Portal Widening and Turnback Facility Project will enhance the Division 20 Rail Yard to allow for improved service times throughout the Metro B Line (Red)/D Line (Purple) system.

Construction is a dynamic process and information is subject to change without notice.  Work activity is subject to weather Construction is a dynamic process and information is subject to change without notice. Work activity is subject to weather conditions.