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MicroTransit Pilot

Become a Metro MicroTransit Driver

Metro’s MicroTransit Pilot is an experimental new mode that combines the best of public transit with the best private sector cutting edge technology.

What is MicroTransit?
MicroTransit is an innovative, three-year pilot project that will use professionally trained Metro employees to provide on-demand shared rides in smaller vehicles for short trips in six designated service areas in LA County.

More than 50% of all trips in LA County are short (1-5 mile), solo trips made using a private car service or driven alone.  Metro captures few of these trips today.  However, this new pilot project is designed to capture more of these short trips by offering a new, more flexible mobility solution using smaller vehicles that hold up to 10 passengers, resulting in more single occupancy vehicles being taken off the road and increasing ridership on public transit.

This program was developed in conjunction with Metro’s NextGen Bus Plan to reimagine and restructure our bus system, and will help provide service in areas that provide challenges to running fixed route buses. MicroTransit is also being implemented to support our current and future rail network including numerous first-last mile connections.

MicroTransit will  expand ride-hailing technology to all public transit customers, including historically underserved communities and populations, as well as areas where fixed-route service (bus and rail) is less frequent or may be unavailable.

How Does it Work?
The technology behind MicroTransit will allow riders to plan entire trips – both the shared ride portion of their trip, as well as their bus or train ride – to get to their destinations by transit using a single mobile application or “app”.  Riders will be able to use real-time booking for transit trips through the new mobile app, an internet browser or Metro’s Call Center, and will also be able to track their assigned vehicle, as well as share trip itineraries with others through the app.

The fare for MicroTransit – which has not yet been determined – will enable transfers to Metro’s buses and trains, and riders will be able to pay for the service by using their TAP card/account, or with a debit, credit or pre-paid card.

All MicroTransit operators will be Metro union employees who are screened before being hired and will receive specialized safety training including incident prevention.  MicroTransit vehicles will be equipped with security technology to provide an additional level of safety and comfort for riders, as well as bike racks to help cyclists access transit and bike facilities.

When and Where Can I Use MicroTransit?
This new service will be available 7 days a week, with an initial soft launch (60 days) of 12 hours per day, and will be launched in the following six service zones across LA County:

These zones include some of Metro’s busiest bus and rail lines, allowing MicroTransit to serve as a vital first/last mile tool for those who want to ride transit but need a better way to get there.  Each zone was designed with specific use cases in mind and will help riders get to priority destinations including major employment centers, universities and schools, and major medical centers and hospitals.