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Metro has a plan for better transit in LA County -— which includes the Green Line Extension to Torrance Project. This project is an extension of light rail along a four-mile segment of the Harbor Subdivision Corridor from the existing Redondo Beach Marine Station to the proposed Regional Transit Center (RTC) in Torrance, served by the Metro Green and Crenshaw/LAX Lines.

This extension will provide an alternative to crowded I-405 freeway and better connect southwestern LA County into the regional rail network through connections to the Metro A (Blue) and E (Expo) Lines and future LAX/Crenshaw Transit project. The project is anticipated to open in 2030-2033.

Project Goals

  • Improve mobility in the South Bay by introducing reliable and high-frequency transit service.
  • Enhance the regional transit network by providing more direct connections from South Bay to regional destinations.
  • Provide an alternative mode of transportation for commuters who currently use the congested arterials in the study area and I-405. Improve transit accessibility for residents of communities in and around the South Bay.
  • Encourage more people to ride transit, reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Project Area

The project study area encompasses three communities, including the Cities of Lawndale, Redondo Beach, and Torrance.


The Green Line Extension to Torrance is funded by Measure M and Measure R, both a half-cent sales tax that funds a number of transportation projects/programs. Under both Measures, the project received a combined $891 million.