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FLM Training Overview

Metro offers sustainability-related trainings that support Metro plans and policies. The training programs are intended to provide education opportunities for local agency partners regarding Metro’s multiple plans, methodologies, and benefits.

The First Last Mile Strategic Plan identifies how Metro and its partners can improve access and connections to public transit. The goal is to coordinate infrastructure investments around transit stations and stops to extend the reach of transit, and ultimately increase ridership.


  • First/last mile planning
  • How to conduct first/last mile planning
  • Examples of first/last mile strategies
  • Development of sample first/last mile projects and implementation strategies
  • Funding Opportunities for First Last Mile Planning
  • First Last Mile resources

Training Objectives

  • Educate local agency staff, elected officials, and members of the public on the First/Last Mile Strategic Plan planning methodologies.
  • Increase support among local agencies to conduct first/last mile planning and project implementation.
  • Develop regionally applicable demonstration projects.

Intended Audience: City staff and officials interested in first last mile planning efforts around transit stations and/or learning first last mile planning methodology. Community development, planning, transportation, public works, and local partners concerned with local scale mobility improvements, even if transit is not the focus, are also invited.