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Metro ExpressLanes Videos

Watch the videos below to learn more about Metro ExpressLanes.

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Learn About ExpressLanes

Metro ExpressLanes Overview Video Metro ExpressLanes: Overview (4:03)
Follow Jason as he discovers the benefits and rewards of using the Metro ExpressLanes during his daily commute.
How It Works Video 1. How it Works (02:25)
This video explains all the basics you need to know about how the Metro ExpressLanes work.
Congestion Pricing 2. Congestion Pricing (1:35)
This video explains how Congestion Pricing on the Metro ExpressLanes works.
Rules of the Road Video 3. Rules of the Road (2:39)
Enforcement of the correct use of Metro ExpressLanes is critical to keeping the lanes free-flowing at all times. This video explains the CHP-enforced rules of the road.
Carpool Loyalty Program Video 4. Carpool Loyalty Program (01:59)
Carpoolers that use the Metro ExpressLanes earn rewards through the Carpool Loyalty Program. Watch to find out how the program works.
Where to Get Fastrak Video 5. Where to Get FasTrak® (2:18)
Find out where to get FasTrak® now in this video.