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The Metro Board’s actions in February 2020 included proceeding with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for the environmental review process and discontinuing the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) study for the Project. These actions will help focus the environmental study and advance the accelerated goals for the Project.

The reinitiated environmental process will include the development of a Recirculated Draft EIR – under CEQA – to update the 2014 Draft EIS/EIR. This process includes advanced conceptual engineering, environmental analysis, and ongoing outreach efforts. In addition, focused technical analyses will:

  • Evaluate various design refinements on alternatives to address comments received on the 2014 Draft EIS/EIR
  • Update ridership and travel time projections
  • Study potential environmental impacts
  • Analyze grade crossings
  • Identify locations for maintenance and storage facilities
  • Develop IOS options

Throughout the environmental review phase, Metro staff will continue to provide project updates to stakeholders and provide the necessary tools and resources to keep communities informed. Opportunities to provide input will be provided at key milestones in the planning process.

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