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Quadrant Gates

Quadrant Gates EIR

Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension Quadrant Gates Project

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) is evaluating the installation of rail crossing gates for up to 24 at-grade intersection crossings along the Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension (MGLEE). MGLEE is a six-mile light rail train service that extends the Gold Line from Pasadena to Union Station to East Los Angeles. Approximately four miles of the alignment is "street running" and operates at the speed of traffic in the center median of 1st St. and 3rd St. (Approximately two miles of the alignment operate underground.) There are a total of 24 signalized, at-grade intersection crossings in the surface portion of the alignment which are being evaluated for rail crossing gates.


In October 2008, approximately one year prior to the opening of the MGLEE alignment, the Metro Board of Directors directed staff to prepare a feasibility study identifying the requirements for installing rail crossing gates at all at-grade intersection crossings along the alignment as an additional precaution to make drivers and pedestrians aware of the trains. The feasibility study was completed and presented to the Metro Board in October 2009. In November 2009, MGLEE opened for revenue operations, providing service from 4 a.m. through 1 a.m. daily. In December 2009, the Metro Board directed staff to take the necessary steps to install four quadrant gates at 24 intersection crossings along the corridor.

Environmental Analysis

Metro will initiate an Environmental Impact Report (EIR)/Environmental Assessment (EA) during the fall of 2010 in order to fully analyze potential impacts that could result from the construction and operation of the rail crossing gates. Findings will be used to identify the most feasible layout for the proposed rail crossing gates. An Initial Study was completed in June 2010 to identify the following impact areas for analysis in the EIR:

  • Transportation/Circulation
  • Land Use/Land Acquisition/Environmental Justice/Community Impacts
  • Noise
  • Air Quality/Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Historic Resources/Aesthetics (related to Historic Resources only)

Project Schedule/Next Steps

Scoping Meetings

There are no meetings scheduled at this time, please check back frequently for updates.

Past Community Meeting Presentations

Meeting #1 – April 26, 2011
Meeting #2 – April 28, 2011