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The Division 20 Portal Widening and Turnback Facility Project aims to accommodate increased service levels on the Metro B Line (Red)/D Line (Purple) . To achieve this, Metro is planning facility improvements to the Division 20 Rail Yard, located within the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles. Improvements include: widening of the heavy rail tunnel portal south of the US-101 freeway, a new turnback facility and expansion and reconfiguration of rail storage tracks. With these improvements, new tracks and switches will allow for improved service times at Union Station and throughout the Metro B Line (Red)/D Line (Purple) system.

Presently, the Metro B Line (Red)/D Line (Purple) carry over 140,000 passengers each day. Ridership is expected to grow by 49,000 following the completion of the Purple (D Line) Extension to the future Westwood/VA Hospital Station ( as described in the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Metro Purple (D Line) Extension ). Many B Line (Red)/D Line (Purple) trains switch tracks before entering Union Station, which is the reason that some trains operate more slowly coming in and out of the station. This project will allow switching to take place after riders get on or off trains, allowing for faster service times. It will also help to ensure safety and reliability on the system, a sufficient capacity to serve future passengers and a more effective operation of Metro’s expanding subway network.

Now that the project is under construction, questions or comments regarding rail construction in the Division 20 Rail Yard can be sent to the Purple (D Line) Extension Project at . Calls can be made to the Purple (D Line) Extension's 24/7 hotline at 213.922.6934.