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Location 64 Maintenance of Way Building
A new Maintenance of Way/Non-Revenue Vehicle (MOW/NRV) facility is being constructed on the northeast corner of 6th Street and Santa Fe Avenue on property acquired by Metro. The approximately 81,000 square foot facility will replace the space of three buildings within the Division 20 yard just east of the One Santa Fe development, making way for the proposed turnback facility.
Division 20 Portal Widening & Turnback Facility Project 
In order to accommodate increased service levels on the Red/Purple Lines, Metro is moving forward with two critical facility improvements: a new turnback facility in the Division 20 yard and a widening of the heavy rail tunnel south of the US-101 freeway.
Emergency Security Operations Center (ESOC)
Metro is developing a new three-story Emergency Security Operations Center (ESOC) on property already owned by Metro. The new facility will serve as the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) and central location for Metro security operations, radio dispatch and emergency coordination. Metro is also planning to integrate Rail and Bus Operations Centers into the facility in the future.
Patsaouras Plaza Busway
A new transit busway station for the Metro Silver Line and other transit buses operating on the El Monte Busway. The design will place the busway south of Patsaouras Transit Plaza, in the median of the El Monte Busway next to US-101. The new busway station will allow buses travelling in both directions to serve Union Station with a minimum delay for passengers traveling to other destinations.
State of Good Repair 
Under the State of Good Repair initiative, Metro employs a variety of projects to keep existing and future transit assets in good working order, while substantially upgrading the overall transit system.

Construction Notices

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Division 20 Portal Widening and Turnback Facility Project: Abatement and Demolition of Structures, Arts District
Area: On Center St. between Commercial St. and Ducommun St.

Metro Contractors will begin abatement and demolition activities at the Viertel’s Central Division Facility, located at 500 N. Center St between Commercial St and Ducommun St.



Division 20 Portal Widening and Turnback Facility Project: Demolition of Structures and Soil Excavation
Area: Arts District, Center St between Commercial St and Banning St

Metro contractors will begin demolition activities of the National Cold Storage Facility beginning Monday, January 14, 2019 and continuing through early summer 2019. Anticipated work hours are 7am to 4pm, Monday through Friday. 



Patsaouras Bus Plaza Station Project
Area: I-10 Busway Bridge, Eastbound Lane Closure

The I-10 Busway Bridge, eastbound between Alameda Street and Mission Rd. will be closed Thursday, November 15, 2018, early morning, between the hours of 12:00am to 5:00am, as construction crews perform related project work.



Patsaouras Bus Plaza Station Project
Area: I-10 Eastbound HOV/Busway Lane

The I-10 eastbound HOV/Busway lane, between Alameda Street and Mission Rd., will be closed Tuesday, November 6, 2018, early morning, between the hours of 2:30am to 5:00am, as construction crews perform project related project work.



Abatement of Non-Recyclable Materials along Center St
Area: National Cold Storage Facility, 815 East Temple Street, 234 Center Street, 210 Center Street

Beginning Monday, November 5, 2018, and continuing daily, Monday thru Friday, from 7am to 3:30pm, for 10 weeks, Metro Contractors will be performing abatement of non-recyclable materials



Gold Line Union Station Elevators Shutdown for Urgent Repairs: 10/20 to 10/28
Area: Gold Line Union Station Elevators

Metro will conduct urgent maintenance that will require the shutdown of the Gold Line's Union Station Elevator for nine consecutive days beginning Saturday, October 20, through Sunday, October 28. Access Services will provide free shuttle service from the Gold Line Little Tokyo/Arts District and Chinatown Stations to and from Union Station. Access Service Shuttles can be found at the following locations: Union Station at Patsaouras Transit Plaza, Bus Bay #4; Chinatown Station at Alameda/College; and Little Tokyo/Arts District Station at Temple/Alameda.



Northbound U.S. 101 Vignes St. Intermittent on/off Ramp Closures, Beginning Thursday, September 21, 9am-4pm, Weekdays Only
Area: Where's it happening?

The Northbound U.S. 101 Vignes St. on/off ramps, adjacent to the construction zone, will experience intermittent on/off ramp closures beginning Thursday, September 21, 2017, between the hours of 9am to 4pm, weekdays only. These intermittent ramp closures are required as construction crews perform project related work at this location.

Our goal throughout this process is to keep the public aware of possible construction impacts including delays, detours, lane closures & potential noise. Having advance notice of these events will allow local residents & business to prepare accordingly.


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