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Three Artists to Lead Walk-Through Tour of Vibrant New Art Exhibition on Energy and Movement at Union Station

Monday October 08, 2018

In celebration of National Arts and Humanities Month, artists Hadley Holliday, Nikko Mueller and Eamon Ore-Giron will lead a walk-through at 10 a.m., Saturday, October 14, of their artwork as part of Metro Art’s newest art exhibition on display in the Union Station Passageway Gallery, Far Out:  Movement through Form and Color.

This abstract exhibition features six contemporary artists’ interpretations of energy, movement and transition that will be on display through January 2019. The artwork reflects Union Station as a hub of perpetual motion and change. In distinctively visual and unique ways, the artists’ works embody these themes.

Metro Art staff will facilitate informal conversations with the three participating artists and discuss the other artworks in the exhibition.

The tour will begin at 10 a.m. near the aquarium—itself an artwork--in Union Station East.

Artists who are participating in the exhibition are:

Lee Clarke’s colorful, abstract works exude unbridled energy, positivity and movement. They evoke visual representations of hyperdrive bursts of a starship reaching light speed in science fantasy movies such as the Star Wars franchise.

Hadley Holliday creates artworks that depict psychedelic patterns of interlocking shapes and colors. Her paintings resemble the visual effects of tie-dye patterns, stained glass windows or kaleidoscopic projections — all evoking a sense of wonder, meditation and introspection.

Nikko Mueller creates paintings that depict the structure of society from an aerial view. Mueller’s locations are carefully selected and sourced from Google Earth and his imagery is painstakingly constructed by applying layers of pigment and shaped by tape and X-Acto knives on the painting surface.

Eamon Ore-Giron utilizes abstraction to investigate the potentials of cross-pollination and how idea, shape and color mutate and acclimate and move between languages and cultures. His abstract paintings wed Latin American and indigenous craft traditions with 20th century European abstract art, creating a certain nostalgia for a global modernism.

Soonae Tark is inspired by the energy, diversity and complexity of the metropolis. Her paintings depict the stacking and juxtaposing of biomorphic shapes of color on top of and against one another, creating a whimsical world filled with both architectural structures and bubble gum colored Tupperware.

Metro Art Passageway Gallery
Initiated in 2014, the Metro Art Passageway Gallery presents artworks that engage a broad range of transit patrons and visitors. The artworks are presented in transparency format within large-scale lightboxes in the walkway connecting Union Station East and West. Past exhibitions have featured portraiture, architecture and landscapes.

About Metro Art
Metro Art enhances the customer experience with innovative, award-winning visual and performing arts programming that encourage ridership and connect people, sites and neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles County.  A diverse range of site-specific artworks are integrated into the growing Metro system, improving the quality of transit environments and creating a sense of place. From photography installations to onboard posters, art tours and live performances, our multi-faceted arts programs add vibrancy and engage communities throughout Los Angeles. Free docent-guided tours are offered every month, and tours for groups of ten or more are also available by special arrangement. 

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