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Board Room Rules

Reglas del Salon de Juntas

  • If you wish to address the Board, please fill out the salmon-colored request to speak form available in the lobby and give it to the security guard before 9:45 a.m.

  • General comment on items within the Board’s jurisdiction will be taken prior to establishment of a quorum and completed at the end of the meeting.

  • Public comment on agenda items will be taken as each item is considered.

  • In accordance with the Ralph M. Brown Act, public comment will not be taken on items previously considered at a committee meeting where the public was given the opportunity to comment. ( Consent Calendar items )

  • Disorderly behavior or inappropriate comments at the podium may be cause for exclusion from further public comment for the day or removal from the Board room.

  • You will be allowed one minute to speak.

  • If you are unable to stand, a handheld microphone is available at the podium.

  • Translation headsets are also available at the podium (Spanish 12, Korean 13).