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Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC) - October 2016 Agenda

Thursday, October 13, 2016 – 10:30 AM


METRO Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC)

One Gateway Plaza

3 rd Floor – Gateway Conference Room


CALL TO ORDER: Self-Introductions/Housekeeping Items

10:30 – 10:35 am
Ellen Blackman, Chair


ACTION: Approval of September 8, 2016 Meeting Minutes

10:35 – 10:40 am
Ellen Blackman, Chair


INFORMATION:  Accessibility Videos

10:40 – 10:50 am
Yvonne Price, Metro


INFORMATION: Division 1 Presentation

10:50 – 11:15 am
Cindy Karpman, Metro


INFORMATION: Complaints Process Review/Update

11:15 – 11:30 am
Antony Roman/Paula Guevara, Metro



11:30 – 11:40 am


NEW BUSINESS: Raised Subsequent to the Posting of the Agenda

11:40 – 11:50 am



11:50 – 12:30 pm
Ellen Blackman, Chair



12:30 pm
Ellen Blackman, Chair


Meeting Minutes for September 8, 2016

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation

Authority Accessibility Advisory Committee

Members in Attendance:

Artemio Ambrosio
Ellen Blackman
Frank Chavez
Victor Dominquez
Karen Esquival-Mayes
Daniel Garcia
Linda Keeney
Sherril Martin
John Mavis
Mark Panitz
Jared Rimer
Cynde Soto
Edward Williams
Tonni Yee-Hemphill


Blanca Angulo
Christine Leahy
Angela Nwokike
Ben Rockwell


Jeremy Congden
Mary Helen Cruz
Kevin Dixon
Elizabeth Lyons

1. Call To Order

Chair Ellen Blackman called the meeting to order at 10:32 am.

2. Action: Approval of August 11, 2016 minutes

Sherrill Martin motioned to approve the minutes and Mark Panitz seconded the approval. Minutes were approved

3. Presentation of Metro Service Excellence Award.

Ellen Blackman, AAC Chair, presented the Service Excellence Award to Bus Operators Paul Bell, Lauren Herbert, Craig Fogg from Division 18; Laura Dorado from Division 15; and Sherry Hill from Division 2. The Operators each received customer commendations for displaying exceptional work ethics and kindness toward customers with disabilities and for assisting the Metro Accessibility Unit reviewing the proposed draft of the Metro Bus and Metro Rail Guide for Riders with Disabilities and Older Adults.

4. Information: AAC Election of Officers

Ellen Blackman, AAC Chair, shared the recommendation made by the Nomination Subcommittee: Ellen Blackman as Chair, Frank Chavez as First Vice-Chair and Christine Leahey as Second Vice-Chair.  Nominations were accepted from the floor. The committee voted and nominated Ellen Blackman as Chair, Frank Chavez as First-Vice Chair and Daniel Garcia as Second Vice-Chair.

5. Information: Metro Quarterly Wheelchair Accessibility Report

Darlene Williams, Accessibility Analyst, presented a summary of the Wheelchair Accessibility Report FY2016 – 4 th Quarter.

Details of the full report can be found at

Daniel Garcia asked if the report could be broken down by demographics and by divisions to better know where there is lack.

Sherrill Martin commented that  since Metro is not only meeting the goals but exceeding the them, there is no need for additional breakdowns to be reported the Committee and individuals who would like additional breakdown to view the report online.

Tonni Yee-Hemphill asked if mandatory wheelchair securement is in effect.  Ms. Willilams responsed no not as of now.

6. Information: Accessibility Unit Outreach Events Update Joanna Lemus, Accessibility Program Manager, discussed upcoming outreach events the Accessibility Unit will be attending and/or hosting.

Jess Segovia, Accessibility Program Manager, announced that Ms. Lemus will have a new role which will focus specifically on employee training and Operator training and education.  Mr. Segovia stated that Ms. Willams will focus on

community education and outreach, while Paula Guevara,  Accessibility Analyst, will focus on compliance programs.

7. Information: Ramps at Downtown Santa Monica Station of Expo Line

Ben Alcazar, Accessibility Program Manager, did a presentation  to address the question raised regarding ramp at the Expo Station at 4th and Colorado located downtown Santa Monica.

Mr. Alcazar stated that station was built on a mesa and is quite high above the street level.  Customers can access the station platform by either using the three set of stairs with landings or the ramp with landings.  Both stairs and ramp are built in compliance ADA regulations.  Due the lay of the land elevators were not a viable option.

John Mavis asked where to find the Braille signage.  Mr. Alcazar stated as you approach station you should find tactile and Braille signage on the right hand side at the station entrance.

8. New Business:

Vanessa Smith, Director of Customer Programs and Services, stated that the Metro Disabled Application fee of two ($2) dollars will no longer be charged.  All the reduced fare applications, like College Vocational Application, will be free.  There will be no fees attached.

Ms. Smith, also shared that starting in October the expiration date will be extended from three (3) years to ten (10) years for TAP Cards issued to customers with permanent disabilities.

9.Public Comment:

Jared Rimer shared an article that was a write up of the  about  Mr. Rimer also commented that he submitted a commendation for a  Metro Bus Operator that picked him up when he used a waving technique to flag down the bus.

Tonni Yee-Hemphill commented that sometimes the Bus Operators will not use the ramp or kneel the bus when requested, especially when they are too far from the curb.

Cleo Ray also commented that the buses do not stop close enough to the curb.

Scott Tolen discussed being hit by people on the bus when the buses are overcrowded. Mr. Tolen stated he has written Metro regarding his concerns but hasn’t heard anything back.  Mr. Tolen stated that he has experienced temporary bus stops, like at Harbor Center, that were not ADA accessible.

10. Adjournment

Ellen Blackman motioned to adjourn the meeting. Motion was seconded by Ellen Blackman. AAC meeting adjourned at 12:38 p.m