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AAC March Agenda and February Minutes

Thursday, March 10, 2016 – 10:30 AM


METRO Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC)

One Gateway Plaza
3rd Floor – Gateway Conference Room

1. CALL TO ORDER: Self-Introductions/Housekeeping Items
10:30 – 10:35 am
Ellen Blackman, Chair

2. ACTION: Approval of January 14, 2016 Minutes
10:35 – 10:40 am
Ellen Blackman, Chair

3. PRESENTATION: Metro Service Excellence Award
10:40 – 10:45 am
Ellen Blackman, Chair

4. INFORMATION: Active Transportation Plan
10:45 – 11:05 am
Tham Nguyen, Metro

5. INFORMATION: Proposed Mandatory Wheelchair Securement Policy
11:05 -11:30 am
Dan Levy, Metro

6. INFORMATION:  Metro’s 5310 Grant Program
11:35am – 11:50am
Ashad Hamideh, Metro

7. INFORMATION: On the Move Riders Club
Lily Ortiz, Metro Consultant

8. INFORMATION:  Accessibility Programs Update
12:05 – 12:10pm
Joanna Lemus, Metro

9. NEW BUSINESS: Raised Subsequent to the Posting of the Agenda
12:10 – 12:15 pm
Ellen Blackman, Chair

12:15 – 12:30 pm
Ellen Blackman, Chair

12:30 pm
Ellen Blackman, Chair


Meeting Minutes for February 11, 2016

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation
Authority Accessibility Advisory Committee

Members in Attendance:
Ellen Blackman
Frank Chavez
Kevin Dixon
Daniel Garcia
Linda Keeney
Sherril Martin
John Mavis
Angela Nwokike
Mark Panitz
Jared Rimer
Edward Williams
Blanca Angulo
Jeremy Congdon
Ben Rockwell

Mary Helen Cruz
Tonni Yee-Hemphill
Christine Leahey

Cameron Lee
Artemio Ambrosio

1. Call To Order

Second Vice Chair Ben Rockwell called the meeting to order at 10:31am. Chair Ellen Blackman called for self-introductions.

2. Action: Approval of January 14, 2016 minutes

Correction to the January meeting minutes:
John Mavis motioned that Item Four regarding Proposed Wheelchair Securement Policy presentation be corrected to clarify that there were not enough AAC Members present who use wheelchairs. Sherrill Martin seconded the motion for the correction.
Richard Stanley motioned that the approval of January Minutes include the correction that Daniel Garcia motioned for the approval of the minutes followed by Kevin Dixon who seconded the motion for approval. Kevin Dixon motioned that the minutes be approved followed by the Angela Nwokike who seconded the approval of the minutes. The minutes were approved with the corrections with a unanimous vote and one abstention.

3. Presentation of Metro Service Excellence Award.

The Service Excellence Award was not presented. The Operator was not able to attend the AAC meeting.

4. Information: Overview of Metro’s Draft Public Participation Plan

Bronwen Keiner, Senior Community Relations Officer, presented Metro’s Draft Public Participation Plan. She shared how the plan includes goals and guiding principles for how the Community Relations Department functions. Ms. Keiner asked for public feedback. The Public Participation Plan and further information can be found online at . Ms. Keiner mentioned that there is a 30 day comment period which ends on March 12, 2016. Comments regarding the Public Participation Plan can be submitted through email at or can be mailed to Community Relations, One Gateway Plaza, MS99-13-1, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Ms. Keiner may be directly contacted through email at or phone (213)922-4465 should members or the public have questions.

5. Information: Non-Visible Disabilities

Will be rescheduled to a future date.

6. Information: Accessibility Programs Update

Yvonne Price, Accessibility Programs Administrator, presented a summary on the Wheelchair Accessibility Report of FY2016- 2nd Quarter. Ben Rockwell, AAC Second Vice Chair, asked about raising the goals since they are being exceeded. Yvonne Price explained that the standards for the report were developed as a result of the Gaddy Lawsuit. During the review the goals may change. A copy of the full report may be found at
AAC Members shared comments regarding experiences they have encountered on Metro buses.
Paula Guevara, Administrative Analyst thanked everyone who stopped by the Metro booth at the Abilities Expo.
Ben Alcaraz, Accessibility Programs Administrator shared information on the Gold Line Foothill extension which will open March 5, 2016.
Frank Chavez commented that it would be great to have someone at public events that can answer questions on accessibility related issues.
Joanna Lemus, Accessibility Programs Administrator, mentioned that Community Relations is organizing the tours on the Metro Gold Line Foothill extension. Members who were interested in participating in the VIP Tour were asked to raise their hands in order to create a reservation list. Ms. Lemus shared information on the new Metro Flash and provided each member with one.
Jeremy Congdon asked about updating the tactile rail system maps. Ms. Lemus responded that the maps will be updated.

7. New Business: Raised Subsequent to the Posting of the Agenda

Daniel Garcia mentioned that he would like to see a list of bus routes that go into hospitals. He also commented on the need for cameras in Metro elevators.

8. Public Comment

Dina Garcia commented on the need for cameras in elevators to help keep individuals with disabilities safer. She stated how sometimes entering the elevator can be scary.
Cynde Soto also commented on the importance of cameras on elevators and suggested that even simply placing them outside the elevator would greatly help protect individuals with disabilities.
Ben Rockwell, Second Vice Chair, also agreed that cameras in Metro elevators would help protect individuals with disabilities and suggested that sensors be placed to help individuals who are not able to activate the elevator buttons themselves.

9. Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 12:00p.m.