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AAC January Agenda & November 2015 Minutes

January 14, 2016 AAC Agenda

One Gateway Plaza
3rd Floor – Gateway Conference Room

1. CALL TO ORDER: Self-Introductions/Housekeeping Items
10:30 – 10:35 am
Ellen Blackman, Chair

2. ACTION: Approval of November 12, 2015 Minutes
10:35 – 10:40 am
Ellen Blackman, Chair

3. PRESENTATION: Metro Service Excellence Award
10:40 – 10:45 am
Ellen Blackman, Chair

4. INFORMATION:  Proposed Wheelchair Securement Policy
10:45 – 11:10 am
Dan Levy, Metro

5. INFORMATION: Safety at Metro Rail Stations
11:10 -11:50 am
Sheriff De Bondt, Metro

6. INFORMATION:  Quarterly Wheelchair Accessibility Report FY2016 - Quarter 1/ Metro Accessibility Update
11:50am –12:15pm
Darlene Williams, Metro

7. NEW BUSINESS: Raised Subsequent to the Posting of the Agenda
12:10 – 12:15 pm
Ellen Blackman, Chair

12:15 – 12:30 pm
Ellen Blackman, Chair

12:30 pm
Ellen Blackman, Chair


Meeting Minutes for November 12, 2015

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation
Authority Accessibility Advisory Committee

Members in Attendance:
Ellen Blackman
Frank Chavez
Mary Helen Cruz
Kevin Dixon
Daniel Garcia
Linda Keeney
Christine Leahey
Sherril Martin
John Mavis
Angela Nwokike
Mark Panitz
Jared Rimer

Ben Rockwell
Edward Williams

Cameron Lee

1. Call To Order

Chair Ellen Blackman called the meeting to order at 10:30 a.m., followed by self-introductions.

2. Action: Approval of September 10, 2015 minutes and October 8, 2015 Minutes

Chair Ellen Blackman asked for a motion to approve the September 10, 2015 meeting minutes. The minutes were unanimously approved. Chair Ellen Blackman then asked for a motion to approve the October 8, 2015 minutes. The October minutes were uananimously approved.

3. Presentation of Metro Service Excellence Award.

Chair Ellen Blackman, presented Bus Operators, David Torres and Anthony Gibbs, the Excellence Award for their outstanding display of professionalism and courtesy toward customers with disabilities. Mr. Torres received a customer commendation for reacting quickly and assisting a customer who was disabled get off the bus, when smoke was seen coming from the bus. Mr. Gibbs received a customer commendation for his impressive professionalism, kindness and compassion in dealing with unruly and difficult customers who refused to allow disabled veterans to sit in the reserved seating area.

4. Information: Proposed Wheelchair Securement Policy

Dan Levy, Executive Officer of Civil Rights Programs Compliance, presented on the proposal of Mandatory Wheelchair Securement Policy. He discussed the current requirements of the law along with Metro’s current policy. He explained the expected benefits of mandatory securement and shared other agencies that have implemented mandatory securement.

Daniel Garcia, AAC member commented that a benefit to the policy may be that individuals will not feel pressured by others if accepting securement. AAC member, Sherrill Martin commented that this presentation should be repeated at the next meeting due to there not being any AAC members present who use mobility devices to provide effective feedback regarding the proposed policy change. Other comments made were to share this information at other centers that have a large group of individuals who use mobility devices.

5. Information: Policy Enforcement by Bus Operators

Giavaughna Nolen, Transit Operation Supervisor, spoke about the role of the Bus Operator and Metro policies. She mentioned the training that Bus Operator’s receive and the challenges that are sometimes faced. Bus Operator’s attempt to do their best at maintaining professionalism and sometimes face safety threats.
AAC members and members of the public shared some of the experiences they have had on Metro buses.
Operator Nolen, reminded members to call Metro if they have an incident to report.

6. Information: Metro Accessibility Update

Joanna Lemus, Accessibility Programs Administrator, shared previously attended events such as the 24th Annual Access Awards Luncheon & ADA 25 Anniversary Celebration on October 19, 2015. Another event shared was the event that Metro held for Veteran’s Day on November 10, 2015. AAC member Frank Chavez assisted with the Metro’s Veteran event and was thanked for his support. Staff participated in Braille Institute’s Low Vision Seminar & Technology Fair on November 10, 2015.

Upcoming events include Braille Institute’s Bus Practice Event on November 23, 2015. Staff also mentioned that another upcoming bus practice event will be for Easter Seals on December 2, 2015.

7. New Business: Raised Subsequent to the Posting of the Agenda

AAC member, Daniel Garcia, shared an incident that occurred involving his wife’s purse which was stolen while at a Metro station. He asked that safety information be shared with the Committee.

8. Public Comment

Richard Stanley commented that the online information of the Operators receiving the Excellence Award should also include information on how they were chosen.
Tonni Yee-Hemphill commented on how she appreciates GoMetro.
Artemio Ambrosio commented on the surveyors used for the Mystery Rider Program.

9. Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned at 12:03p.m.